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item1.jpgWith a Grand Prix Racing heritage, the venerable DCOE is Weber's premier Carburetor, and still the standard by which all other carburetors are measured. It is unsurpassed for full-race use, yet its infinite tune ability by way of interchangeable calibrated parts allows it to be tailored to suit any engine and application. Hardly enough can be said about the DCOE. Its features include: ball bearing throttle shafts, piston type accelerator pump circuits, a wide variety of throttle bore sizes and, of course, the excellence that is Weber.


dgvcarbsmall.jpgAny search for the ideal 2-barrel, progressive down-draft carburetor would surely end with the DGV Series. Look no further for versatility, wide adaptability, easy installation, low initial cost, trouble-free maintenance, excellent drivability, increased fuel economy and improved performance. Designed for engines displacing 1200cc-2300cc, the DGV Series carbs feature diaphragm type accelerator pumps and models with manual, water or electric choke actuation. The DGV also has a power valve circuti to facilitate low vacuum running conditions.